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Welcome To Our Vraman Nesa Magazine

It was a cold winter at the end of December 2015 and on the eve of Bhowanipur Vraman mela, we think about a colored brochure of the participating stalls which later all converted in to the 1st edition of high profile magazine with a printing and outlook at par with international travel magazine.

we have some ambition to develop the magazine which will be more and more attractive to the reader. Till date at the opening of this website we have published 10 issues of the magazine. The magazine celebrated its third year of publication. We have some constructive idea to project the colorful India in our magazine. Those who have been contributing in the magazine are stated to be the best travel writers and photographers in India. We are paying rumination to all writers and photographers. We have future explanation to magazine more and more attractive to the readers. We always think reader’s goodwill is our strength and power.

July 2018 - Sept 2018
Sept - 2017
1st March,2017
Dec, 2017 - Feb, 2018

Varman Nesa Editorial

Khalaichandi Mela

The Tours : The tours are weekend type , no profit basis and 1 night/2 days ,2 night/3 days type.


Alo Adherer Chobi

VRAMENNESA is a Bengali travel magazine which has a wide range of circulation with travel photographs and articles.


Phakhider Sange Ure Jai

Wild life and animal photography.



Photo Album

We encourage young photographers to provide their best quality travel photographs.


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